China Forestry Group

China Forestry Group Co., Ltd. is a central enterprise managed by SASAC. Its business covers the whole process of forestry resources cultivation, development and utilization. At present, China Forestry Group owns and operates in the world.

More than 150 enterprises. As the most internationalized forestry enterprise in China and the leading enterprise group in China's forestry industry, it has continuously enhanced its ability to allocate global forestry resources and positioned the enterprise

The operators of global forest resources are the leaders of comprehensive platform and ecological construction that provide services for the transformation and upgrading of China's forestry industry. At present, their comprehensive strength ranks among global forestry enterprises.


With the development goal of "being the leader of the ecological industry and a world-class enterprise", the Group strives to build three core sectors of forest resources development and utilization, seed and seedling, and ecotourism.

At present, the group has more than 12 million mu of controllable forest resources, more than 30 cooperative ports (ports) for timber import and arrival, and the group's timber import volume is nearly 20 million Li in 2018.

Square meter, accounting for about 20% of the total import of wood in China, is the largest timber operator in the world. In 2018, the actual operating revenue of the group company is more than 130 billion yuan, up to 2018

The total assets at the end of the year is 103.8 billion yuan. Further promote the strategy of riverside, border and coastal areas. Suifenhe National Forest and wood industry city, the national timber reserve and processing trading base, has become the largest Russian timber market in Northeast Asia.

The demonstration projects of material processing trade have been completed or are under planning in China, such as Chongqing Banan, Jiangnan Jiujiang, Jiangsu Siyang, Hebei Caofeidian, Nantong Rongsheng port, etc.

Port and industrial park project; deeply implement the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", invest 19 billion yuan, establish 5 million mu national reserve forest project in Chongqing, build a long

The ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the river. Actively copy and promote the "Thousand Island Lake model", implement the "one lake pushing ten lakes, ten lakes bringing hundreds of lakes" project, Danjiangkou reservoir, hushuihu, Jiangxi Yugan

Poyang Lake and other projects have been successfully implemented. At present, the development area of water area is more than 3000 square kilometers, promoting the high-quality development of China's lake ecological industry. Facing the future, China forest group will

Implement the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing", effectively combine the development of forestry industry with ecological construction, and ensure the national ecological security, timber security, species security,

We will promote sustainable forestry development and international cooperation in resource development to play a more prominent role as a model and leader.

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